Scene for UE4 Graphics Profiling tutorials

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This is a project for Unreal Engine 4 which contains the scene used in tutorial series on channel:

+ bonus scene: 4.16's volumetric lighting!

Get the project to try what you learned in the tutorial on an actual scene. Main scene is intentionally not optimized - performance heavy. Experiment freely to see how far you can go with improving performance.

The package also included an optimized level. Changes I made compared to the original are described in the README file.

What's included

The archive contains the main scene (.umap) and required assets (.uasset) - textures, models, materials, blueprints - used in Tech Art Aid YouTube tutorial series on Graphics Profiling. Not included are the source files (uncompressed textures, editable 3D models).

After downloading or donating, you will be able to access all future updates to this project.


All files in this folder and its subfolders are licensed under CC-BY 4.0:

It means you are free to copy and redistribute the files. You can also use and remix them for any purpose, even commercially, as long as you mention Tech Art Aid in credits, description or other appropriate place.


If you have problems with the archive or something is missing - please contact me!

Should you have any technical or general questions, join the discussion:


Oskar Świerad


2017-04-28: Added a volumetric fog level (for UE 4.16)

2017-04-23: "Optimized" level added. Modifications to materials and lighting

2017-04-17: Initial upload

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Scene for UE4 Graphics Profiling tutorials

16 ratings
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