Flipbook Viewer for Unreal Engine

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Flipbook Viewer for Unreal Engine

Tech Art Aid
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The plugin is a convenient editor window in which you can play a VFX flipbook (spritesheet) instantly. It has a precise time slider, custom frame range, quick levels adjustments, different backgrounds and blend modes. Take a look at the user guide to see all features.


  • Precise time control
  • Custom loop range
  • Channels selection
  • 4 tabs, to compare different settings
  • Frame interpolation or integer frames
  • Additive and translucent blending modes
  • Blackbody temperature

For instructions and a guide to all features, see the documentation.

Technical information

Requires Unreal Engine 4.22 or newer. Tested on Windows 10. It's entirely Blueprint-based, so it should work on every platform.

The intention of the tool is simple, intuitive playback of a single spritesheet. It doesn't load or create particle systems.


If something doesn't work as expected, reply to the e-mail about your purchase or contact me directly at support@techartaid.com. I'd be grateful for every feedback and idea you have!

If you encounter bugs, please share zipped logs (YourUnrealProject\Saved\Logs\) and describe what you tried to do.

I hope you'll find the Viewer helpful in everyday VFX tasks!



v0.8 (10 December 2019) — Easy access from the main menu. Compatible with UE 4.24.

v0.5 (21 July 2019) — Added aspect ratio option

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